General Surgery:
Your petís health is our main concern. Our clinics are equipped to perform most surgical procedures, from routine spay and neuters to more advanced orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries. We also provide patient monitoring during these surgeries such as ECG, pulse oximetry, and respiratory management.


Pain Management:
Animals feel pain just as we do. The management of pain has become an important part of veterinary medicine. The doctors and staff at Fitzgerald Animal Hospital want to make sure that your pet(s) are free from any discomfort or pain during treatment, after a surgery, trauma, or major illness.

Pet Supplies:
We know the importance of good nutrition to protect your pet against disease and to promote healthy skin and hair coats. We offer several types of prescription and specialty pet foods. Ask any of our staff members for more information and about the recommended food for your pet(s). We also carry a variety of pet supplies, so stop by and browse our shelves!


We offer a full service pet salon for grooming, bathing, nail trims, and even teeth brushing. While your pet is here for a salon treatment, our staff can recognize some health problems before they fully arise.


Geriatric Medicine:

Did you know that dogs and cats are considered to be aging after the ages of 8 to 12? It is also believed that cats and smaller dogs live longer than large dogs. As an owner of an older pet, you may notice that your animal is less active and mentally alert. Geriatric pets, like humans, can suffer from hearing and eyesight loss. In general, older pets need specialized medical attention.                 

Full Laboratory Services:
Our clinics are equipped with complete state-of-the-art laboratories capable of providing quick and accurate diagnostic information necessary to treat your pet. A few of our services include: fecal examinations for intestinal parasites, heartworm testing, urinalysis, cytology, and tissue biopsies. Because we have an in-house lab, we can reduce the amount of wait time for you and your pet. We also use LSU School of Veterinary Medicine Diagnostic Lab and Antech Diagnostic Lab for more advanced laboratory testing.

Endoscopic Exams:
Fitzgerald Animal Hospital has the capability to perform endoscopic exams. Endoscopy is a non-invasive way of evaluating the gastrointestinal tract for disease or obstruction. This diagnostic tool provides the veterinarians with valuable information needed to properly diagnose and treat your pet.

Planning to go out of town? All of our locations have boarding services available for your large and small pets. Our air-conditioned kennels are located indoors, safe from the extreme temperatures. Your pet(s) are also exercised several times daily in our designated exercise areas.

Internal Medicine:
Our clinics are devoted to providing high quality medicine and services. We use diagnostic equipment including radiology, tonometry, endoscopy, and ultrasonic dental machine.

Avian & Exotic Pets:
Exotic pets, just like cats and dogs, need care, too. Our services include beak, nail, and wing trims for birds and medical care for other exotic pets.

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